Take Care When Taking Your Dog Out in Cold Weather

If you live in a winter climate and have a dog at home, you should be sure to take care when letting your dog outside and when going for walks in sub-zero temperatures. Many breeds of dogs are well acclimated to cold weather such as Huskies and Samoyeds, but if you own a dog with rather short fur or thin hair, it is a good idea to purchase some sort of a dog coat for wearing outside when the temperatures dip well below freezing. Small dogs in particular are rather susceptible to freezing temperatures as they are naturally lower to the ground where the temperatures are even colder.

A decent dog coat should be water repellent on the outside to protect the dog’s fur/hair from becoming wet and it should have a lining of fleece or heavy cotton on the inside. If your dog has long hair on his or her legs, then you may want to look at purchasing a coat that has sleeve holes for your dogs four legs. This will protect the legs from wet snow that has a tendency to clump and ball up, causing uncomfortable twisting and pulling on the tender skin-especially under in the ‘armpit’ regions.

Many people consider dog clothing to be inappropriate and this author is not a fan of dressing up a dog just for looks, but rather sees value in protecting our pets from very cold winter conditions. Most of our four-legged pet friends spend a great deal of time indoors during the winter, as do their owners. Just think for a moment what a shock it would be for you to step outside in a hard blizzard without wearing a coat. Your dog is equally as shocked when he or she goes out without protection and your dog will only become colder as you proceed to walk him or her around the block.

It is quite easy to find an appropriate dog coat at nearly all pet centers as well as on the internet. A basic, medium-sized dog coat with a decent lining should cost no more than $40. Be sure to choose one that not only repels water but one that closes tightly and has a nice and warming lining.

Written by Cin Rupp



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