Beagles Make Good Dogs for Kids

Beagles are happy little dogs, and in general they have personalities that probably are a lot like those of the kids in your family: they’re active, curious, playful and happy-go-lucky. Almost all beagles are easy-going and carefree. Beagles are also very social little dogs, having being bred as pack animals for hundreds of years. Their sociable nature means that a typical beagle will prefer the company of the kids in your family over almost anything else that might come along. The one possible exception to a beagle’s devotion is a rabbit, which hardly any beagle can resist.

Most adult beagles are 13 to 15 inches tall, and they typically weigh between 18 and 30 pounds. They’re sturdily built, attractive and an ideal size for a family with children. Beagles have an engaging personality and they never get tired of playing so they’ll keep your kids well entertained. They’re also extremely easy for children to feed because generally they’re very avid eaters, and they almost always do well with any standard or vet-approved dog food.

There’s one thing about feeding beagles that owners should be careful about, though. They tend to eat anything and everything you give them, and then immediately ask for even more. If you’re not careful they can tend to get chubby, so your entire family should learn how to resist those beautiful brown, sadly pleading eyes.

Despite their hunting history, beagles make very good family pets. They have short hair that’s easy to care for and they’re intelligent, affectionate, gentle with children, cheerful and outgoing. If they’re well cared for, a beagle is likely to be a happy, healthy member of the family for up to 13 to 15 years. And they’re pack animals by nature, so they’re motivated to fit well into family life. Beagles are extremely loyal to their family and they even make good companions for other pets if they’re exposed to them early.

Beagles are easy and fun for children to help train. All you need is the proper motivation, and that’s easy to identify because these little dogs are real foodies. They are, however, known for being escape artists in addition to being avid bunny and squirrel hunters, so if your yard’s not fenced, be careful and don’t let a beagle get outside if it’s not on a leash.

Beagles are protective and will definitely bark at strangers, but because they’re so food motivated they can easily be “bought off” with a treat. This trait, along with their small size, means that it’s probably best to think of beagles as alert dogs rather than guard dogs or watchdogs. But that’s ok, because beagles more than make up for it with their wholehearted, cheerful devotion to their families.

In short, beagles are almost the perfect dogs for kids. These floppy-eared dogs are affectionate and curious and have a never-ending supply of energy, making them ideal playmates. Beagles are very popular pets, and they’re happy little members of huge numbers of families with kids.

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